Parking Industry · January 19, 2023

Guide on Audi Parking Assistance: Things to Know

Have you ever felt anxious about parking in small lots? With Audi parking assistance feature, those worries go out the window.

This function makes use of ultrasound sensors to look for a parking space as you drive around the parking lot.

It not only makes finding a parking spot simple, but it will also assist you in parking your car. Check out our analysis below to see how that functions.

What is Audi Park Assist?

Some Audi models come with an automatic parking system called Audi Park Assist. The system uses ultrasonic sensors to find parking spaces and identify obstacles (and, on some models, the backup camera as well).

Once a parking space has been located, the system can determine the correct steering-wheel inputs required to enter the space. The only controls the driver needs to make are the brake and throttle because the car will steer itself. The technique is effective for both transverse parking in a parking lot and parallel parking on the street.

The system can warn the driver of nearby objects even if the car is not automatically parked. When it’s time to leave, the Park Assist system can also show you the best exit strategy from the parking space.

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What Does Park Assist Do?

Park assist will take over the steering once you have found a spot and have started to reverse. You simply need to stop and leave. With the aid of electromechanical steering, it completes all steering-related tasks.

Audi Parking Assistance

Additionally, it is capable of parking for you in parallel spaces. Ideal space length for a vehicle is about three feet longer. Multiple maneuvers will be made if the system determines they are necessary to prevent a collision or damage while parking.

Which Audi Models Have Park Assist?

The Park Assist can be found on the:

  • A3
  • A4
  • A5
  • Q5
  • Q7
  • TT coupe
  • SQ5
  • A5 Cabriolet
  • S5 Cabriolet

The 2020 model lineup now includes more vehicles that have Park Assist. If a driver chooses the Audi brand, they won’t have to worry about parking any longer. Various signal types and a rearview camera are used by Park Assist.

Your Audi vehicle has extra eyes and ears to ensure that every parking attempt is a success. It comes with a helpful app that enables you to quickly identify its location and all of its instructions, and you’ll discover that setting it up in your touchscreen menu is simple. A helpful step-by-step manual for the Park Assist feature is available on the touchscreen itself.

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Does Park Assist Park the Car for You?

Park assist features are systems that can help park vehicles but still require manual input from the driver. They make use of technology, such as sensors and cameras, to deliver visuals or assist in calculating the distance from detected objects around the vehicle and can notify the driver of their proximity.

Is Audi Park Assist Worth It?

Yes, it is. This kind of system works well and shouldn’t be expensive. This technology is now found in a lot of consumer-oriented cars, proving that the costs are reasonable and should be included in the cost of the feature.