Car Parking Tips · April 13, 2023

How Far to Park from Fire Hydrant? (Answered)

Do you know how far to park from fire hydrant? Most cities require you to maintain a minimum distance of 15 feet between your parked car and a fire hydrant.

In order to avoid trouble, let’s look at this and other crucial information about parking close to fire hydrants in more detail.

How Far to Park from Fire Hydrant?

In most cities, it is illegal to park within 15 feet of a fire hydrant. A red-painted curb, rather than any kind of parking sign, is typically used to designate this no parking zone.

However, local governments frequently ignore the paint’s condition.

So it’s crucial to keep in mind that the law still applies even if you can’t see any red paint. If it feels too close, you’re probably too close, is a good general rule of thumb.

How Far to Park from Fire Hydrant

Of course, eyeballing it only provides so much accuracy. You can always have a handy tape measure in your car if you want to get technical about your parking spot.

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Why Do You Need to Park So Far from Hydrants?

It might seem like fifteen feet is too much room, but there is still plenty of room around the fire hydrant. But it’s very challenging to maneuver fire hoses around any kind of obstruction because they are so stiff and heavy.

Access to the hydrant can also be blocked by a car, especially a big van, SUV, or truck. In this circumstance, it might be difficult for firefighters to connect the hose to the hydrant.

A car can obscure a fire hydrant from view as well. Firefighters are given directions to the fire hydrant’s location, but if they are unfamiliar with the area, they might not immediately know where it is.

Firefighters can see hydrants because of their bright red or yellow coloring, which serves as a beacon, but if a car is in front of one, it may take much longer for them to get there.

An emergency is defined as any size of fire. Firefighters are pressed for time and cannot find the hydrant, maneuver the hose around obstructions, or ask motorists to move their cars. Every second counts when putting out a fire because time is of the essence.

Penalties for a Fire Hydrant Parking Violation

If a police officer determines that you are parked too close to a fire hydrant (even if it’s only by a couple of inches), expect to receive a parking ticket that will include an $80 to$100 fine on average.

The precise sum will be based on local parking regulations. The best-case scenario, however, is receiving a parking ticket. The fire department has permission to break your windows in an emergency so that a hose can be run from the hydrant to the fire truck through your car.

The full cost of the windows being fixed on your car will likely fall on your lap. Your negligence and illegal parking make it unlikely that your auto insurance will offer coverage.

Aside from that, keep in mind that not all penalties are monetary.

During a fire department emergency response, every second counts. If you park in front of a fire hydrant, it might be difficult for you to escape the fire.

The moral of the story is: don’t cause a non-emergency to become a tragedy. Always park at least 15 feet away from a fire hydrant. There is never any parking.

Final Words: How Far to Park from Fire Hydrant

While there is a minimum distance that you must keep away from a fire hydrant, there’s no legal requirement to be parked near a fire hydrant.

Therefore, theoretically, you are free to park as far away from a fire hydrant as you like. However, the farther you park, the more difficult it will be for the local fire department to access the hydrant in an emergency.