Car Parking Tips · January 10, 2023

How to Keep Cars from Parking on My Lawn? 10 Ways

Wondering how to keep cars from parking on my lawn? By politely asking them to do so, you can stop your neighbors from driving through your yard. If that doesn’t stop access, put up barriers like bushes, outdoor pots, and lawn rocks.

In this article, we’ll explain what methods you can use to ensure your neighbors don’t “accidentally” park on your lawn or drive across it once and for all.

Utilizing the advice we’ve provided, you can be certain that no car will ever park on your lawn without your consent.

10 Ways to Keep Cars from Parking on Your Lawn

The following list of ten doable, practical solutions is open to all.

1. Signs

Signs placed all over the house or in the yard are frequently the homeowner’s first line of defense.

The traditional favorites of “trespassing” or “keep out” will sometimes work. These kinds of signs, though, are so commonplace that people no longer necessarily give them much credence.

The good news is that many more “whimsical” options are now available. This includes warnings that you are about to enter the territory of a fictitious or extinct animal, like dinosaurs or bigfoot, or that may make jokes about hiding bodies. Some of them include a sarcastic request to stay away or to leave.

Using signs with greater shock value and potential for greater effectiveness than standard signage Or, just stick with something straightforward, like the ones in the image up top. In actuality, I chose these, and this is the Amazon link for them.

2. Hedge Wall

Hedge Wall

Although it might be more expensive, this option will undoubtedly make its point and can also look fantastic along your border. A hedge wall made of fake boxwood ought to deter obnoxious drivers from driving on your lawn.

Furthermore, because it’s artificial, it should last for a while before needing to be replaced. As long as you mount it securely to the ground, the maintenance costs for these ought to be minimal. Although the effects of the weather will undoubtedly be felt, it should still be a good, eye-catching boarder you can add along your property line.

3. Lamps

A chic method of preventing cars from entering a yard is to use standing lamps. The ideal location for them is spaced at intervals that are so close to one another that driving through them will be challenging.

There are numerous style and size options for lamps. As a deterrent against unauthorized cars entering a property, both tall and short lamps will work. It’s simple to find both practical and contemporary lamps as well as more ornate ones, giving homeowners the option to decorate their homes however they see fit.

4. Vegetation

Since they are also aesthetically pleasing and improve the curb appeal of the home, this is likely the most common option for many people. There are a lot of options available; let’s examine each one individually.


These are frequently a sensible, appealing choice. Some shrubs are low-maintenance and simple for the typical homeowner to maintain. Hedge planting can be done in a variety of ways, including all the way around a yard or just in front of a house near the road. Since there are numerous varieties, either a low hedge or a high privacy type can be planted.


There are several ways to use trees to discourage individuals from parking their vehicles in a yard. They are frequently used to enclose a yard. It is possible to plant them in more inventive ways while still getting the same results. It’s harder to park comfortably because there are trees in the middle of the yard. They also convey a sense of occupancy in the yard. When homeowners choose to plant trees in their yards, they may do so singly, in groups, or in various locations throughout the yard, which can make parking more challenging.

Artificial Topiaries and Bushes

Artificial greenery can be used as a substitute for real greenery in situations where live shrubs or bushes are not an option. Some people might find this a little tacky, but in regions with little water, like the Western United States, this is a common feature people install in their yards.

They may be positioned only at the front or at regular intervals throughout the yard. Making a complete border around the property is frequently an effective solution. The possibilities are endless because artificial bushes and topiaries come in a wide variety.

5. Rock Gardens

One of the best ways to keep stray vehicles off your lawn is with rock gardens, which are common in many places. They are fun to use as decorations because they can be planted with a variety of flowers that bloom throughout the year. Additionally, they don’t need much upkeep and are reasonably priced.

The best thing about rock gardens is that they sometimes make parking more challenging as a bonus. A large, flat lawn that people might want to park in can be broken up by a landscape with just one or two rock gardens.

6. Statuary

To keep unwelcome vehicles out of a yard, a variety of statuary can be used. There are numerous inventive options, ranging from tiny garden gnomes to chainsaw carvings.

Another suggestion is to add fountains or bird feeders to form a larger grouping that might function well and complement the design of your yard and house.

7. Decorative Ponds

Any climate can accommodate the installation of these landscaping elements. To aid in keeping trespassing cars out of a yard, they do not also have to be in the middle of the lawn. It is frequently effective to deter people from parking in the grass by placing a small pond near the edge or in the front corner of a yard. Near the water, nobody wants to drive or park.

The presence of a water feature also gives the yard a feeling of maintenance, indicating that parking without a permit may have some repercussions.

8. Spikes

When trying to keep parked cars out of their yards, homeowners often turn to spikes. They are reasonably simple to install and clearly state to keep out.

Additionally, they don’t have to ruin the yard’s appearance. If you paint them a solid color or creatively decorate them, they can actually lend themselves to decoration. One concept is to paint them to resemble colored pencils or to arrange them in a combination of stripes and solid colors.

9. Security Sirens

Simultaneous sirens are a common feature of security systems. These devices can be installed around a building’s perimeter to keep out trespassers and their vehicles.

Although these kinds of systems can be used in any home, they are most suitable for those who travel frequently. If a stray rabbit happens to hop by, these systems, which can be effective, may keep the owners awake at night.

However, if your house is set back from the road a good distance or if you have a difficult time seeing the edge of the lawn, these are a great option.

10. Mixed Edging

I am aware that many homeowners may view using a single deterrent as boring and limiting. Therefore, there is no excuse for not using your imagination to combine the various edging styles to create a more unique result.

To create breaks in a boulder edging, for instance, lamps and shrubs could be used together. A hedge could be placed in front of a fence to give it depth. To produce a more eye-catching or whimsical appearance, various combinations can be used. Once more, the possibilities are endless!

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Final Thoughts on Keep Cars from Parking on My Lawn

There are various ways you can keep your neighbors’ cars off your lawn. You can let your neighbor know how you feel about their trespassing on your property line.

What do you think of these types of barriers for lawns? Some will be more effective than others at preventing cars from parking where you don’t want them to, but all of them should at least give the driver the message “Hey don’t park here silly.”

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How Do I Tell My Neighbor to Stop Tending My Lawn?

Say: “We recognize that you prefer to maintain your yard a certain way. But when it comes to our yard, you have to respect our rights. Please don’t do any gardening on our property.” Tell her you’re talking to her about this because you value your relationship, and this is the really important part. Your kindness might be very helpful.

How Do I Stop People from Turning Around My Driveway?

If the homeowner has “Private Property” or “No Trespassing” or “No Turn Around” signs posted anywhere on the property, then turning around in their driveway would be considered trespassing. Furthermore, trespassing would also apply if there was a gate or other kind of barrier.

How to Protect Corner House from Cars?

  1. Create a terrace or berm.
  2. Fence in the yard.
  3. Use stone barriers that are ornamental.