Car Parking Tips · July 29, 2022

How to Get A Car Towed From Your Parking Spot?

How to get a car towed from your parking spot? You definitely want the automobile gone right away, and you might even want to do it yourself if someone else chooses to use your land as a parking lot (or if your property already serves as a parking lot and someone has overstayed their welcome).

However, in other circumstances, self-help may not be the ideal solution, such as when you need to have an automobile taken from your property. What choices do you have for towing a car on your property then?

How to Get A Car Towed From Your Parking Spot? 

  • Call the police

The car may be trespassing, to start. In that instance, the police may issue a ticket and perhaps tow your automobile for free. This is most likely your best option because it generates a formal paper trail. Additionally, the owner of the damaged vehicle is less likely to pursue you if the towing firm responds to the police’s request.

It’s probably beneficial for the automobile owner as well. In order to get in touch with the owner prior to the tow and maybe uncover auto theft, the police will have access to DMV records. And you can direct him to the police if the owner returns later to claim the vehicle.

  • Call a towing service

A towing firm will be pleased to remove the vehicle from your property since they will be able to charge the owner to have it returned, which is almost as good as calling the police. The only drawback is that you can be charged by the towing business as well.

  • Don’t make decisions on your own

You likely don’t want to move the automobile yourself unless you’ve tried every other option. To start with, you might be responsible for any harm to the car. Where would you take it, secondly? Dumping is illegal in the majority of jurisdictions, thus leaving an automobile on someone else’s property is not an option.

The lesson is that it’s probably best to leave this to the experts, as it always is.

Ways You Can Take to Mitigate Illegal Parking Occurs

  • Putting up parking signage

No parking signs are an inexpensive, time-tested, and largely effective way to discourage unauthorized parking. Whether obnoxious parkers actually abide by the notices is a very different matter.

  • Place parking barriers

Physical barriers like chain ropes or parking lot bollards serve as a deterrent to unauthorized parking. From automated parking barriers to straightforward manual parking posts, there are various parking bollard and lock types to fit your budget. Installing them is typically pretty simple, especially if the security cameras are battery-operated like the ones from That’s My Spot.

  • Install a boom gate 

Due to the high cost of both purchasing and maintaining one, this option is not practical for every facility and will require a ticketing or other access system. A lot of hard-wired engineering is necessary, and some structures simply lack the capacity to do this. Additionally, while it secures a bigger area, it cannot secure specific parking spaces.

  • Employ a security officer

A physical presence could be the deterrence you need if your parking enforcement is out of control. Of course, this is a pricey and limited-reach choice. And you’d need to give the security guard a little extra power!

  • Adopt a bylaw

By-laws that limit access times and frequencies may be adopted by your strata facility, and there are undoubtedly a few that are already in place.

Avoid attempting to impose penalties like wheel clamps, which businesses are infamously reluctant to comply with in fear there is damage to the vehicle’s rims and subsequent lawsuits, or penalty fines, which an NCAT case has already judged to be “illegal”. It is best to do your research before establishing a by-law for your own building and to consult with a specialist strata lawyer about what will and won’t work.

What If The Car Is Left Behind?

It’s possible that you won’t be able to locate the individual who blocked you. You do have a solution if you need to leave the house but are unable to contact the driver of the car. You can request the removal of the vehicle by calling a towing firm. Don’t be concerned about the call’s cost. The other party is responsible for paying for the tow as long as they are breaching the law. The towing business can locate the owner of the car by looking up the license plate. Everything is out of your control as soon as the towing company shows up and lifts the other car.

What to Avoid

If you’re like most people, you might be tempted to try moving the problematic vehicle on your own. After all, that is the quickest approach to fix the problem with your driveway. If you feel the need, repress it. Depending on local regulations, getting into another person’s automobile without their permission constitutes car theft. Don’t commit a crime in retaliation for an unpleasant parking job.

It’s possible that the driver of the other automobile is nearby. See if you can find them by asking around. You can catch their attention and request that they move if they are nearby. It’s tempting to vent your annoyance on the other person once more. After all, they’re being rude by causing you to be late. Stopping to have a quick conversation, if the other person is there, might diffuse a potentially heated situation. The individual who parked unlawfully can be experiencing a crisis or a medical emergency.