Parking Industry · October 12, 2022

BMW Automatic Parking Assistant Guide 2022

Parking automation systems are largely useless. Real-world parallel parking is a nightmare of math and psychology as you try to gauge the size of space while signaling to the car behind you that, yes, you will be shifting into reverse soon.

With difficult parking spaces, we could all use a little assistance. Thankfully, with the BMW Automatic Parking Assistant, flawless parallel parking is possible. What does the BMW Parking Assistant do? We explain how the system works and whether it’s worth adding as an option.

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What Is BMW Automatic Parking Assistant?

Since the German manufacturer first debuted its “Parking Assistant” technology on the BMW 3 Series in 2012, BMW drivers have had more time than most to get used to the concept.

The active park assists technology from the German company has since been enhanced and expanded as it has been added to a variety of vehicles. As it stands right now, the system uses sensors to find a parking space big enough for the car, and with the push of a button, it can take full control and park the car there all by itself.

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Do All BMWs Have Automatic Parking Assistant?

BMW Parking Assistant, also known as BMW “Park Assist,” is now an available option or standard feature on all BMW models, from the entry-level 1 Series to the premium X7 SUV. Only more expensive models come with it as standard equipment. In other words, BMW offers Parking Assistant as an optional extra on the majority of its new vehicles, frequently as part of a more expensive upgrade package that also includes other active driver assistance and safety systems.

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How Does Parking Assistant Work?

The BMW Park Assistant handles even the trickiest parallel parking and confined spaces with ease. By letting the system handle the steering while you maintain complete control over the accelerator, gears, and brakes, you can maneuver in and out of parking spots with astounding accuracy.

Simply turn on the indicator “Auto PDC” (Automatic Park Distance Control), and the parking task will be completed for you. Even if drivers approach other objects too closely, Auto PDC will sound an alert to warn them of any potential obstacles. Additionally, acoustic signals and visual instructions in the Control Display make sure that the driver is fully in control of the parking process.

What Is The BMW Parking Assistant Plus?

With a system of additional cameras, BMW Parking Assistant Plus improves the visualization of your parking maneuvers compared to the standard Parking Assistant. However, you have a better understanding of what is going on around you, which increases safety and faith in the system while leaving the actual functions and method of operation untouched.

How To Use BMW Automatic Parking Assistant?

Everybody occasionally needs some assistance finding difficult parking spots. Thank goodness, flawless parallel parking can now occur with the BMW Parking Assistant. Let’s give it a go.

Pressing the Parking assistant (P) button on the dashboard is what you need to do once you’ve decided which car parking lot you want to enter. A small park assist symbol with a checkmark will appear on the screen.

Instruct your BMW to look for parking spaces on the appropriate side by using the indicator light. The next step is to move forward slowly; on the screen, search lines will appear on both sides of the vehicle, indicating that it is in search mode.

When the parking maneuver is finished, a sound will be heard.

Is Parking Assistant Worthwhile?

On a less expensive BMW, like the 1 Series, Parking Assistant costs less than £1000, which will probably seem like a good deal once you start using it regularly. On more expensive models, Parking Assistance Plus can cost several thousand pounds as part of a Technology Plus Pack. On compatible cars, the Remote Parking Assistance option costs an additional 2,500 pounds. If you’re not the most confident driver when it comes to parking, it could spare you the hassle and cost of parking dents and scrapes – and at the very least make life much more enjoyable.

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