Parking Signs · October 18, 2022

Parking Lot Sign Installation: Complete Guide

Parking lot signage is a vital element in the running of a business. One benefit is that they let drivers know if there are any parking spots available. An increase in traffic means more business opportunities.

Our parking lot sign installation guide can be of assistance to you if you’re looking to install signs for a new parking lot or want to replace outdated, broken, or fading signage.

Reviewing the essential rules and regulations you must follow when installing parking lot signs is imperative before you start the fabrication and installation process. Here are some of the most important things to think about when designing and positioning your signage.

7 Necessary Parking Lot Signs 

Your company’s location and business type will both influence the parking lot signage you require. Nonetheless, there are seven basic traffic signs every parking lot should feature:

Customer Parking Signs

Often marked with the words “Customer Parking Only,” customer parking signs inform drivers that a particular parking space is meant for customers only. Therefore, you need to find another parking space for your employees, the customers of your neighbor, and any other vehicles that aren’t interested in making a purchase. Signs for customer parking help to organize the parking area and let customers know you value and genuinely care about them.

Fire Lane Signs

Additionally, it is legally required to have a fire lane marking. In collaboration with the building official, the city’s fire chief or a designee establishes the lanes. In the event of a fire emergency, firefighters employ them. You have a responsibility to properly mark your lot with the necessary signage if it has been designated as a fire lane. Anyone who does not properly mark or keep up fire lane signage is breaking the law.

Fire Lane Signs

Entrance And Exit Signs

The purpose of these signs is to regulate the flow of traffic into and out of the parking lot. “Entrance” signs inform drivers of paths into the lot while “Exit” signs tell them which route to use out of the lot. Without these signs, vehicles would use whichever roads they could find to enter or exit the lot, resulting in avoidable confusion that could result in traffic jams and even collisions.

Handicap Parking Signs

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) mandates that there be at least one accessible parking space for every 25 regular parking spaces in commercial parking lots. The act also mandates that all parking spaces for people with disabilities be properly marked. It’s also important to remember that handicapped parking signs must be created in accordance with your state’s laws and the FHA’s design standards. These requirements must be followed in order to avoid legal consequences, including a sizable fine.

Speed Limit Signs

The purpose of speed limit signs is to warn drivers that they are driving in a parking lot, a constrained area and that they should slow down. The absence of these signs puts other drivers on the lot and the property at risk because the driver might lose track of their speed.

No-parking Signs

Finally, commercial facilities should also consider “No Parking” and other signage prohibiting parking to enhance the safe use of the parking lot. Parking close to dumpsters, entrances, and loading areas would put people in danger. “Parking Prohibited” signs in such areas warn motorists about parking in the specified area and alert them to seek alternative parking spaces.

Tips For Parking Lot Sign Installation

You Must Follow Ada Regulations

Every Illinois company that provides parking spaces to staff or customers is legally required to offer accessible parking spaces. Depending on the total number of off-street parking spaces available, a particular number needs to be set aside for accessible parking. You will require a parking sign that features the International Symbol of Access in order to properly identify these locations. The white background with a green outline, the inclusion of the fine amount, and whether the space is van accessible are all standard elements of accessible parking signs from which there should almost never be any deviation. Signs must be at least five feet off the ground and placed no farther than five feet from the designated parking space.

Your Text Should Be Legible

An informational sign in a parking lot is useless if drivers must strain to read it. The font size, style, and color must all be considered when developing the design of your sign. You are doing more harm than good if you choose a font that is challenging to read, whether it be because it is too small, a challenging-to-see color, or a challenging-to-read style. When you work with All-Right Sign to create your sign, you’ll have access to a group of knowledgeable designers with attention to detail who can point you in the right direction. We will assist you in choosing a legible font that is both large enough to be seen from a moving vehicle and small enough to fit all the necessary information in the available space.

Sign Placement Is Vital

Other parking lot signs must be placed in a particular way to adhere to local government regulations, just like signs for accessible parking spaces. For example, if you plan to tow non-visitor or non-certified vehicles, you must have a “tow zone” sign placed at every vehicle entrance to your property. Additionally, strategically placing your signs is important for information processing and visibility, whether they convey important information like reservations for people with disabilities or contact information for towing companies or not. A sign’s permitted and prohibited locations on commercial property are also governed by specific rules established by local municipalities. The All-Right Sign team will help you obtain the required permits and determine the location of each parking lot sign because they have decades of experience working with officials in the Chicagoland region.

Professional Installation Is Necessary

Parking lot signs experience a lot of activity, including traffic and pedestrian activity as well as constantly shifting weather conditions. Skipping out on expert installation will shorten the lifespan of your signs because they won’t be prepared to withstand the constant assault of traffic and weather. All-Right Sign is fully prepared to handle your parking lot sign installation project thanks to its more than 30 years of sign-related experience. Our team can design and install your sign quickly, from internal permitting to skilled project oversight. To discuss your signage needs, give us a call right away!