Car Parking Tips · August 6, 2022

How Does My iPhone Know Where My Car Is Parked? Things to Know

Anyone who has ever had to locate their vehicle after leaving it in the middle of a crowded parking garage or on a side street block from their destination will recognize this common conversation: “Why can’t I find a tool to assist me with this?!”

Do you know Apple Maps can locate my parked car? Please move on!

How Do I Find Out Where My Car Is Parked on An iPhone?

You must first enable Location Services if you want to see how Apple Maps determines where your car is parked. You must do this by toggling System Services and Privacy. Allow Significant Locations after that. The first list of items includes this at the very end. Once Location Services have been enabled, go back to the main Settings menu and select “Maps.” Apple Maps will keep track of where your car is parked if your vehicle is wired to the service. However, this feature won’t function if your system is wireless. Disable Parked Car notifications if you don’t want your vehicle to be tracked while you’re in the air. Parked Car notifications won’t be available, though, if you’re close to your house or in a city.

Other Functions

Keeping Track of Your Car From Afar

If you frequent parking lots or shopping centers, you might have wondered how to locate your car from a distance. You can locate your car in relation to a specific location using Apple Maps’ Parked Car feature. Once your iPhone and car stereo are connected, you can use the Parked Car feature to find parking and get directions to a new location. Siri and other apps, including CarPlay, are integrated into the app. Apple Maps will automatically provide your estimated arrival time when you select the desired route. By establishing a notification in the iOS Settings app, you can also share the route with others. You can text the link to a friend or member of your family after you’ve confirmed the message. They can then see precisely when you will arrive at your destination.

Disabling Parked Car Alerts

If alerts about your parked car keep you from doing other things, you may be wondering how to turn them off in Apple Maps. When you disconnect from CarPlay, this built-in feature in iOS 10 marks the location of your car. The steps listed below can be used to disable these alerts. You can modify your settings to select the notification types you desire to receive. By going to Settings > Notifications>Maps in Apple Maps, you can also disable parked car alerts. The notification will then stop when you disable Show Parking. Disable Location Services if you aren’t using this feature. Go to Settings > Notifications>Maps>Location Services to turn it on. You can check out which apps are using your location in the location services section.

Editing Your Car’s Location

The Bluetooth in your car and the Location Services on your iPhone must both be turned on at this point. The application will display driving instructions to your parked car once the pairing is complete. To get to your parked car instead, use the alternative mode of transportation. To do this, go to the Settings menu and choose “Transportation Type.” You can start editing your car’s location after successfully connecting the two devices. You can edit the location in Apple Maps after you’ve pinned it. You can get a more precise location and add a note with more information, a picture, or any other kind of content by editing the location of your car. Additionally, if you would like, you can choose to show or hide your car’s location. In this manner, it will be simple and quick for you to locate your parked car.

How to Disable Parked Car on Your iOS Device

Disable Location Services

Using data from your cellular, Wi-Fi, Global Positioning System (GPS), and Bluetooth networks, Location Services, Apple’s location tracking feature, allows for the creation of a Parked Car. Parked Car will not function if you turn off Location Services, which can be done on iOS 8 and up by going to Settings > Privacy > Location Services and adjusting your settings.

Disable Frequent Locations

You may also wish to disable Frequent Locations, which is also required for Parked Car to work properly and is available under Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services > Frequent Locations > Frequent Locations. Your home, office, and friends’ homes may be included in this list of your most frequent stops and routes, which was compiled using Location Services data from your phone.

Be aware that many of your Apple and third-party apps, including Maps, won’t function properly if Location Services are completely disabled, and many people don’t want location tracking disabled entirely.

Disable Parked Car Notifications

You can easily disable Parked Car while keeping Location Services enabled.

You can enable or disable Parked Car alerts by going to Settings > Maps > Your Car. Under “Your Car” you should see a slide bar reading “Show Parked Location.” To disable the feature without affecting your ability to use Apple Maps or other location-based apps, slide this slider to off.

Undoubtedly, Parked Car may have been the only app that prevented you from having to activate your car alarm or yell, “Dude, where’s my car?” You may find that you will miss it once it is no longer available.!” in public. (Again.)

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