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What Is A Parking Attendant? Job Description, Requirements And More

What is a parking attendant? The safe and orderly parking of vehicles is the responsibility of parking attendants. They frequently work in private garages or lots, but they may also be hired by local governments to control on-street parking.

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What Is A Parking Attendant?

A parking attendant is employed by a parking lot, garage, or another parking establishment. The duties of parking attendants are varied. This position requires you to collect parking fees, give numbers or ticket stubs to each customer, and, if necessary, point them in the direction of a parking space. Some facilities, especially those that offer valet services, also allow you to park and retrieve customers’ vehicles. You make sure that parking spaces are kept pristine and free of clutter. You assist customers who need help finding parking spaces or finding their cars when they need assistance parking. You maintain the facility’s cleanliness and orderliness in addition to conducting inspections to verify that each car has the appropriate parking ticket or permit, calling tow trucks when a car is parked incorrectly, and securing the facility against theft or property damage.

Duties And Responsibilities Of Parking Attendant

  • Control traffic and parking in the designated area, and keep an eye on all facility’s surface and garage parking lots.
  • Help everyone enter and exit vehicles, return all cars to customers with consideration, and keep track of all the vehicles.
  • Make sure that all vehicles are operating effectively for the valet service, provide tags for all vehicles, and keep a log book for the use of the parking facility.
  • Manage all interactions with the parking supervisor, identify any guests or tenants who are breaking the law, and issue warnings to those parties.
  • Conduct routine patrols of all parking levels and, as needed, assist visitors in locating their vehicles.
  • Control traffic at the entrance and throughout the building, handle all customer inquiries, and, if necessary, make repairs to all parking equipment.
  • Ensure that all safety rules and corporate policies are followed, and notify management of any violations.
  • Examine parking to guarantee optimum space utilization and uphold everyone’s safety.
  • Manage all cash collection for the facility, keep up with service pricing, and handle any emergencies.
Parking Attendant

Parking Attendant Job Requirements

Parking attendants typically need to have the following background:

Education: Only a high school diploma or GED is typically required for parking attendants. Candidates with an automotive background may be preferred by some employers.

Training & Experience: Most employers train their parking attendants while they are working for them. This instruction might cover how to use the computer system for the parking lot, how to write tickets, and how to collect payments.

Certifications & Licenses: Typically, parking attendants do not require certifications. To operate a parking vehicle, parking attendants must, however, have a valid driver’s license in some states.

Parking Attendant Skills

Parking attendants need the following skills in order to be successful:

Customer service: Due to their frequent interactions with customers, parking attendants must possess strong customer service skills. Regardless of the circumstance, parking attendants should be cordial and courteous to all patrons. Customers should be able to ask questions about parking rules, get assistance finding their cars, and make payments from parking attendants.

Attention to detail: Parking attendants are in charge of keeping an eye on and documenting the information of vehicles entering and leaving a parking lot. They need to be able to precisely record each vehicle’s details and guarantee that the right amount of money is paid for parking. Additionally, parking attendants must be able to recognize and address any potential problems, such as a car parked improperly or one that is blocking another.

Patience: A parking attendant’s ability to be patient comes in handy because of the wide range of personalities they might run into on the job. When faced with a difficult situation, patience can help a parking attendant stay composed and amiable.

Multitasking: During their shifts, parking attendants frequently have a variety of duties, such as checking and refueling vehicles, cleaning cars, and keeping an eye out for any problems in the lot. Multitasking parking attendants can complete these tasks more quickly and carry out other tasks as necessary.

Physical stamina: When looking for a car or retrieving a car for a customer, parking attendants frequently stand for extended periods of time and may have to travel far. Physical stamina can facilitate their ability to carry out their job duties.

Parking Attendant Work Environment

Usually employed in parking garages or open spaces, parking attendants take payment from users and write tickets for infractions. Additionally, they might help drivers park their cars and direct traffic. In all weather conditions, parking lot attendants frequently work outside. They might put in long hours, including on nights, weekends, and holidays. Overtime hours may be required of some parking attendants during busy times, such as holidays.

How To Become A Parking Attendant?

For a job as a parking attendant, not many requirements apply. Some positions call for a high school diploma or its equivalent. A spotless, current driver’s license is required if you work in a full-service garage, a parking lot, or a restaurant that offers valet service. Because you will be handling fees and interacting with clients, retail and customer service experience and skills may also be useful in your line of work.

Parking Attendant Trends In Future

Three trends that are affecting parking lot attendants’ jobs are listed below. To keep their skills current and maintain a competitive edge in the workplace, parking attendants will need to keep up with these developments.

Parking Will Become More Automated

In order to keep up with the changes as parking becomes more automated, parking attendants will need to develop new skills.

The newest parking technologies and how to use them effectively will need to be known to parking attendants. In addition, they must be able to work well with people and offer excellent customer service. In order to keep everything running smoothly, they will also need the ability to manage a number of tasks at once.

More Parking Structures Will Be Built Underground

Parking garages will be constructed underground as cities become more congested to free up more space on the surface. The demand for parking attendants who can assist drivers in finding their vehicles in these sizable facilities will rise as a result of this trend.

Parking attendants who can move swiftly and efficiently through complicated parking structures will be in high demand. They must also be familiar with the policies and procedures of each parking facility where they are employed.

Driverless Cars Will Lead to Fewer Parking Jobs

The number of parking jobs available will decline as driverless cars gain popularity. This is because parking spaces will require fewer staff members to manage them because driverless cars won’t need anyone to park them.

By developing new skills that will enable them to work in other sectors of the automotive industry, parking attendants can get ready for this trend. They could study auto repair or sell auto parts, for instance.

Take Away

In this profession, there aren’t many opportunities for advancement. Some parking attendants may go on to manage parking lots or garages. Some may transition into other positions in the transportation sector, like taxi or bus driver or chauffeur.

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