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Can a Manual Car Become Automatic?

Your car’s transmission determines the number of gears you have, your level of acceleration, and how fast you can go. The gearbox of a manual transmission vehicle is very different from a new-age AMT or fully automatic car. As automatic transmissions are becoming more popular in new cars, manual transmissions are also becoming less common and preferable. But if you have a manual car and want to convert it to an automatic transmission, how is that possible? This article will help you understand how to change your car’s manual transmission to an automatic one.

Is it Hard to Convert From Manual to Automatic?

Some mechanics did this conversion within 24 hours! That doesn’t mean the task is easy. It requires the right skills plus a proper understanding of the car you want to convert into a car.

For D.I.Y., you can take your time as there is no rush or stress unless otherwise stated. The most complicated part of converting a manual car to an automatic one is the “gearbox”, the metal housing that houses the various car gears (car transmissions).

The transmission is powered by the engine, and the car transmission transmits power from the engine to the wheels. This gearbox ensures that the wheels get the proper power to move or operate at a given speed. Each gear works individually in a specific gear ratio to ensure the engine and wheels don’t spin at similar speeds.

Automatic vs. Manual Car: Which One is Better?

Automatic vs. Manual Car: Which One is Better?

Some drivers might say the automatic transmission is the best thing since sliced bread. Other drivers feel that a manual transmission is the only way to achieve truly natural driving. However, after research, we have not found a consensus on which one is better than the other.

Why? Because each has its pros and cons, different drivers prefer one over the other. Your preference is what matters because the choice in favor of any of them is a matter of opinion. In my opinion, the driver-vehicle interface for an automatic transmission is generally simpler than a manual transmission. If you want a real driving experience, a manual transmission is a way to go.

Advantages of Converting from Manual to Automatic Transmission

1. Better mobility:

With autonomous vehicles, off-road driving just got easier. Driving an autonomous vehicle smoothly requires far less work than a manual transmission. For highway cruising, autonomous driving can also provide a better riding experience.

2. Small driving force:

With an automatic transmission, you don’t need to use the clutch pedal. Plus, in urban or crowded commuting conditions, you don’t have to change the shifter. The effort saved on one leg (clutch pedal) and one arm (stick shift) would be an appealing proposition for switching from manual to automatic.

Disadvantages of Converting from Manual to Automatic Transmission

1. Fuel consumption:

Those who have replaced the engine transmission report a slight drop in fuel efficiency. If you’re driving more than 1,000 kilometers per month, this drop can be a costly change.

2. Cost:

The cost of procuring parts and paying an experienced mechanic will be the biggest factor holding back owners from this modification process. Some of the key components that need to be updated, changed, or reconfigured include:-

  • electrical wiring
  • Electrical Control System (ECU)
  • Transmission console
  • gear lever
  • Meter reading console
  • transmission shaft
  • torque converter
  • Gearbox total replacement
  • flywheel
  • Connect

The Essential Parts Needed to Change Manual Transmission to Automatic

You can convert a manual vehicle to an automatic transmission in our Melbourne workshop or, for those with DIY expertise, have the right parts in your own garage. We provide the necessary products to facilitate the change from manual to automatic transmissions for a variety of vehicles from Toyota to Nissan. Key components and parts you may need include:

  • valve body
  • Transmission Controller
  • Torque Converter Lock
  • Interior accessories such as custom center consoles, dual cup holders, smartphone pockets, and more

It is important to note that the parts required to change a manual transmission to an automatic transmission may vary on a case-by-case basis, depending on the make and model, as well as the driver’s special requirements. Whether you’re looking for a standard conversion or need expertise in a custom conversion from a manual to an automatic transmission, you can count on us to deliver results that will leave you 100% satisfied

To Conclude

From a layman’s perspective, it would be wiser to buy a new automatic transmission rather than converting an existing manual to an automatic. The new factory-installed autonomous cars will continue to deliver on their strengths without burning a hole in your pocket.

However, if you happen to be a die-hard car enthusiast with a DIY streak, the challenging conversion process is sure to excite you. If you want to go ahead and do a mod, make sure the mechanic is experienced. The conversion process itself is quite complex, involving hundreds of parts that need to be tweaked or completely changed. It tests the expertise of even the most experienced mechanics. Therefore, the conversion needs to be performed by experienced professionals who are proficient in complex operations.